Kephart Trucking was founded in 1953 by Loris Kephart, as a one truck operation involved in transporting coal and clay primarily for use in steel production. Beginning in the 1960’s and continuing into the 1980’s the company grew steadily to about 40 trucks operating daily. During this time, the primary business was still related to the transportation of bulk materials such as coal and limestone.

In the mid 1980’s, deregulation of the transportation industry resulted in many more opportunities within the industry. In particular, waste industry deregulation offered the opportunity to expand into a new market. Today, waste is currently the primary commodity the company transports.

The company has stayed within the Kephart family for three generations. Wallace Kephart, Loris Kephart’s son, became involved in the early 1960’s. Since then Tim and Dave Kephart, Wallace Kephart’s sons, have become involved in managing Kephart Trucking.